Corrosion Protection Inspections

The wide range of stresses to which coatings of hydraulic steel structures are exposed calls for a carefully chosen inspection programme to verify their suitability for use. Besides the standardised corrosion protection tests, coating materials or systems also undergo special test procedures (condensate water changing test and abrasion test, as well as a cathodic protection compatibility test). The compatibility of the coating with a cathodic corrosion protection (CCP) system is assessed in a combined approach (determining of the corrosion protection characteristics and protective current compatibility; Picture 1) for the selection of appropriate corrosion protection systems. The characteristics of the corrosion protection effects of the coating systems with direct practical relevance is being tested at four locations (Kiel, Büsum, Windheim and Trier) in different types of water bodies or immersion media over a long-term exposure period of five years (Picture 2); the results of the laboratory tests can thereby also be evaluated regarding their relevance to practical use. The equipping of the laboratory furthermore permits the determining of innovative materials and their performance for corrosion protection.