Research & Development

In its function as a technical and scientific federal authority the BAW undertakes waterways engineering R&D work in the fields of structural, geotechnical and hydraulic engineering in inland and coastal areas. The Department's applied and practice-oriented research is undertaken on behalf of state and federal authorities and is intended to support the performance of specialist waterways engineering tasks by bridging the gap between basic scientific research and issues on which practical decisions need to be taken.

Over a period of many years the Department of Structural Engineering has sustained a consistent research share of 15%, which is deemed necessary for the continuing development of methods and regulations. Ongoing developments enable the WSV and the BMDV to make use of forward-looking project work in their own waterway construction work and to take decisions which anticipate the future technological state of the art. In particular the Department's R&D focuses on the BAW research topics "safety and protection", "innovative technologies" and "sustainability".