Construction Materials

The key tasks undertaken by Section B3 Construction Materials include

  • fundamental issues relating to construction materials for and the building of massive hydraulic structure
  • fundamental and project-specific assessments of the suitability of materials for massive constructions and for the maintaining and upgrading of waterway structures
  • examination of existing waterway structures in terms of durability and elaboration of repair concepts
  • deliberation on planning, invitations to tender and execution of new construction and repair measures
  • elaboration of specific waterways engineering regulations and standards applicable to construction materials and building construction work.

Section B3 Construction Materials undertakes these tasks by carrying out the necessary physical material tests in its own construction materials laboratory. This work focuses in particular on specific hydraulic engineering durability criteria, such as the resistance of concrete to freeze-thaw attack or hydroabrasion, as well as aspects such as the development of hydration heat in concretes for massive structural elements or the performance characteristics of geosynthetics, armourstones and joggle joint mortars.

Structural Engineering Topics