Steel Structures & Corrosion Protection

Section B2, Steel Structures and Corrosion Protection, analyses hydraulic steel structures and steel bridges as well as their corrosion-resistant coatings. To this end, it also operates its own chemical and corrosion protection laboratory.

The main terms of reference in the field of steel structures are:

  • Structural analyses
  • Preparing expert reports on a structure’s condition including assessments of load-bearing capacity and estimates of remaining service life,
  • Design of concepts for maintenance and strengthening
  • Material analyses on metallic materials (chemical, mechanical and metallographical analyses)
  • Consultancy services for replacement and new structures with regard to the selection of systems and materials, including fatigue-proof and corrosion-resistant design
  • Research and development for practical application and their implementation in standards

Corrosion protection concepts and systems are made available for corrosion protection of (hydraulic) steel structures (gates and valves, steel bridges, sheet piling) and floating vehicles:

  • Analysis and consultancy services on corrosion protection systems that use coatings and cathodic protection methods,
  • Suitability tests in accordance with BAW Guidelines and Codes of Practice,
  • Maintaining a list of tested systems with relevance to practice,
  • Consultancy services for the repair of damages at existing coating-systems concerning execution and selection of material,
  • Research and development for practical application and their implementation in standards.

The chemical laboratory supports these tasks using modern analytical methods. These methods (wet-chemical processes, apparative analysis, microscopy) are used to examine corrosion damages and for the testing of construction materials and other samples.

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