Earthworks & Bank Protection

The section responsible for earthworks and bank protection deals with issues involved in maintaining and upgrading the stretches of the waterways.

One central focus consists of using rip-rap to protect banks and bottoms of waterways from natural waves and currents and those caused by ships. The components of the banks and the bottom protection are:

  • the erosion-proof cover layer, usually consisting of armourstones
  • a geotextile or mineral filter below and
  • a surface seal if necessary.

The section develops rating rules (e.g. GBBSoft), defines the requirements made of the individual rip-rap components and monitors these during the construction phase. Work to upgrade the waterways entails drawing up geotechnical reports dealing in particular with earthworks issues for producing and using soil and rock. In addition to the classic ground survey, the section also amends special investigations e.g. for hydroacoustics to bring them in line with the requirements of the waterways.

Great significance is attributed to natural upgrading of the waterways, referring in particular to the design of the banks. Safe, ecologically valuable technical biological procedures are developed to protect the banks. For more information, please go to the portal "Alternative technical-biological bank protection on the inland waterways".

Geotechnical Engineering Topics