Foundation Engineering

Investigations and expert reports referring to the foundations of building structures on waterways are carried out either by the Foundation Engineering section in Karlsruhe or by the Geotechnical Engineering (North) section in Hamburg. The range of services begins with drafting geotechnical reports, includes devising foundation and reconstruction concepts and continuous support during the construction phase.

The central issue involved in these functional tasks deals with the interaction between the building structure and the ground, i.e. from loads imposed by the building structure and the reaction of the ground, as well as influences from the ground impacting the building structure. Several methods are applied: For example, a numerical model is produced for ascertaining the material parameters using the results of ground investigations; these are calibrated by geotechnical measurements so that statements can be made about the stability and serviceability of building structures. In this context, pile load tests and suitability and acceptance tests of ground anchors are planned, monitored and evaluated.

Geotechnical Engineering Topics