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Legal information:

The contents of webpages are designed to provide an accessible source of information about our institute to the general public and to convey an accurate picture of the activities, planning and projects undertaken by the Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau in the fields of structural, geotechnical and hydraulic engineering.

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Use and disclosure of personal data

You can decide for yourself what information you entrust to us. If you enter any data on the website in order to use one of our services, this shall be done on a voluntary basis and the data shall only be collected and processed by the BAW to the extent that is required to enable us to provide the respective service.

Data collected from visits to the website of the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute and stored on log files are transmitted to third parties only when required by law or court decision, or in cases when attacks on the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute’s Internet infrastructure make it necessary to forward data for the purposes of legal action or criminal prosecution. No data shall be transmitted for other non-commercial or for commercial purposes.

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The BAW has no influence on the type and amount of data that is transferred and stored. Further information regarding the data collected by the channels used by the BAW, as well as the storage and use of this data can be found in the provider’s data privacy statement.

The BAW Data Protection Officer
Sigfrid Knapp
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Copyright DE:

All information on the website of the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, BAW) is protected by copyright. Unless stated differently, the content of these sites are provided under a CC BY 4.0 license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International). The expressions of opinion and/or statements of fact appearing on linked third-party pages are the sole responsibility of the author or authors and do not reflect BAW's opinion.

Please note: This English translation is intended as a convenience to non-German-reading customers and has no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. Only the German version shall be legally binding.

All freely accessible data of BAW may, in accordance with § 12a E-Government-Act (Act to promote electronic government (EGovG)), be re-used without any restrictions and without the need for compulsory registration provided that the source reference is indicated, as laid down in the GeoNutzV ordinance ("Verordnung zur Festlegung der Nutzungsbestimmungen für die Bereitstellung von Geodaten des Bundes: Ordinance to Determine the Conditions for Use for the Provision of Spatial Data of the Federation). As to the layout of source references, the BAW requests adherence to the following guidelines (cf. § 3 of the GeoNutzV ordinance):

  • The obligation to indicate the enclosed source references shall apply to any data and other services of BAW that are used without alteration. Source references must also be indicated even if extracts or excerpts are used or if the data format has been changed. Displaying the BAW logo shall be considered as meeting the requirement of source reference in meaning of the GeoNutzV ordinance.
  • In the event of more advanced alteration, processing, new design or other adaptation, BAW at least expects to be mentioned in a central list of references or in an imprint.
  • Indication of alteration according to the GeoNutzV ordinance may read as follows: "Data basis: Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, gridded data reproduced graphically"; "Data basis: Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, averaged over individual values", or "Data basis: Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, own elements added".
  • If a service provided by BAW is used in a way that does not comply with its intended purpose, the enclosed source references have to be deleted. This shall especially apply to warnings for which there is no guarantee that they are delivered to all users at all times completely and without delay.

Wherever data or information from third parties is used for the generation of BAW-own products and services, BAW assures that it holds all necessary rights to do so.