Estuaries & Coastal Areas

Natural tidal rivers and coastal waters are being altered to an ever increasing extent to adapt them to the requirements of ocean-going vessels, coastal protection and water management. Hydraulic engineering projects to widen access to seaports, to improve river courses and to protect banks and shores affect water levels, currents, storm tides, sea conditions and, above all, sediment transport to the possible detriment of the environment as well as potentially increasing the cost of maintenance.

One of the core tasks of the Department of Hydraulic Engineering in Coastal Areas is the scientific study of the effects of human activities on the physical processes and parameters that are characteristic of surface waters and the use of modelling, analyses and diagnoses to quantify them. The work is an indepensable basis for consultations with policy-makers, regional waterways and shipping administrations and port operators on the economic and ecologically sound maintenance of waterways and enables the Department of Hydraulic Engineering to provide independent assessments of plans for extensive hydraulic engineering projects.