Rivers & Canals

The work involved in the operation, maintenance and upgrading of the federal waterways needs professionally sound foundations as the basis for the corresponding decision-making processes. The BAW with its "River Systems" section is responsible for providing the corresponding studies and research.

Starting with analysis of the current status of the system and a forecast of its future status, the planned measures are optimized in terms of their hydraulic-morphological effect and with regard to floodwaters, water supply management and ecological aspects. The results are evaluated in terms of river engineering including the short-term and long-term morphological development, using both physical and numerical models. The various methods are applied in accordance with the specific task and in a complementary manner. Essentially the investigations are based on numerous measurements and possibly also on field studies. Scientific support is provided to check the success of selected measures.

A further central task is the ongoing development of the applied methods, as well as setting up and operating hydraulic information systems, together with research and development work closely related to the projects.

In the BAW, this particular range of tasks lies in the responsibility of sections W1, W2, and W5. Section W1 provides consultancy services throughout Germany on the topic of establishing ecological connectivity of federal waterways and with regard to other environment-related hydraulic engineering issues. Section W2 is responsible for river engineering aspects for all inland waterways. Besides the further development, maintenance and support of the multi-dimensional numerical methods, the tasks of section W5 include the associated work processes of pre-processing and post-processing and project-related data management.

Hydraulic Engineering Topics