Section K4 (Ship Technology) is the shipbuilding competence centre of the BAW acting for the WSV with regard to watercrafts.

It acts as consultant to the BMVI and the WSV in all aspects of marine technology while also providing cooperative administrative assistance for other federal ministries, such as the BMBF, the BMELV and the BMI.

The section is responsible for the new building of special ships from the initial concept through to final handover to the operator. First of all, preliminary basic designs are produced for budget discussions followed by the outline specification for the corresponding call for tenders. If required, BAW also proceeds with the public tender process and places the resulting order with a shipyard. During the new building process, K4 performs the corresponding supervision activities and assumes responsibility for the drawing approval on behalf of the customer. K4 is monitoring the execution of the shipbuilding construction at site according to the requirements stated in the specification. Furthermore, K4 accompanies the whole inspection and trial procedures of the vessel leading to the delivery of the completed vessel to the operator after the concluding sea trial.

Special purpose ships for the WSV include among others working ships, sounding and surveying vessels, buoy-laying vessels, floating grabs, icebreakers and multi-purpose ships for special tasks. Special pilot transfer and pilot station ships are built for the pilots. In cooperative administrative assistance for other federal authorities, ships are designed and built including surveying and wreck-search vessels, police patrol boats, and fisheries research and inspection vessels, as well as multidisciplinary vessels for scientific research.