Ground investigation and testing

The Ground Investigation and Testing section and the Geotechnical Engineering North section provide advice for planning and carrying out investigations into ground conditions and earthwork materials, both in the field and in the laboratory. The tasks encompass carrying out and evaluating soil-mechanical laboratory tests, devising field tests and geotechnical measurements, as well as setting up and operating geotechnical model experiments. The range of services also includes maintenance and the ongoing or from-scratch development of geotechnical laboratory and field equipment and of corresponding measuring systems. The creation, updating and ongoing development of IT programs for geotechnical testing are a further focus.

Soil and rock samples are looked after from receipt of the samples at the BAW via the corresponding geotechnical laboratory tests through to archiving. In addition to the standardised laboratory tests, we also carry out model tests or special experiments that we derive from empirical experience; or, in some cases, we develop them from scratch. To this end, corresponding technical infrastructure, beyond the normal standard found in a geotechnical laboratory, is kept available.