Foundation engineering

The central issue that foundation engineering has to deal with is the interaction between the building structure, or structural elements, and the ground, i.e. the ground’s response to loads imposed by the building structure; and, reversely, the influences originating from the ground and impacting the building structure. The tasks comprise the development of ground investigations and laboratory tests, including their evaluation; the drafting of geotechnical reports; and issuing recommendations regarding foundation or reconstruction work. We also provide continuous support during the construction phase.

In foundation engineering different methods are applied: analytical methods and numerical models. On the basis of the findings of ground investigations, material parameters are ascertained so as to be able to issue conclusions regarding the stability and serviceability of building structures. In this context, pile load tests and suitability and acceptance tests of ground anchors are planned, monitored and evaluated. In addition, we evaluate construction methods and the feasibility of specialist foundation engineering elements taking into account the ground.

Besides supporting the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) in its projects, novel models such as the particle method are used, and small-scale model tests carried out in the context of research and development projects with the aim of refining existing methods and gaining more in-depth insights into relevant processes.