About us

Climate change, increasing ship sizes, large-scale modernisation and extension projects: waterways engineering in Germany faces huge challenges. The BAW is very well positioned to provide expert advice and support to the BMDV and the WSV, including in entirely new fields, such as the acceleration of investments, digitalisation or the environmentally sound design of waterways. Our core competencies are closely intertwined. In addition to consulting and assessment, we also engage in research and development, standardisation and knowledge transfer.

The BAW provides all-round advice on the technical conception and design of special purpose ships. It is responsible for the operational management of special ship construction, from the initial idea through to planning, award procedures, construction and handover to the client. Modern and environmentally-friendly drive technologies play a special role in the planning. Technology must be evaluated for its suitability in each specific case and to ensure that it meets utilisation profiles as well as environmental and climate protection goals.

As a departmental research institute, the BAW attaches just as much importance to forward-looking research as it does to current issues. We investigate the impact of climate change, support the development of low-emission ship propulsion systems or develop nature-oriented bank protection measures that help our clients make good decisions on infrastructure, the environment and mobility. Our work generates future-proof solutions that prepare the waterway and shipping transport system in the best possible way for the changing requirements.

The following BAW departments engage in interdisciplinary work and form strong teams to solve complex tasks:

More information about the BAW's work and projects can be found in our image brochure.