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All freely accessible data of the BAW may, in accordance with section 12a of the E-Government Act (Act to promote electronic government (EGovG)) may be re-used without any restrictions and without the need for compulsory registration provided that the source reference is indicated, as laid down in the Ordinance to Determine the Conditions for Use for the Provision of Spatial Data of the Federation ("Verordnung zur Festlegung der Nutzungsbestimmungen für die Bereitstellung von Geodaten des Bundes:) (GeoNutzV). As to the layout of source references, the BAW requests that the following guidelines be observed (cf. section 3 of the GeoNutzV ordinance):

  • The obligation to incorporate the enclosed source references shall apply to any data and other services of the BAW that are used without alteration. Source references must also be incorporated even if extracts or excerpts are used or if the data format has been changed. Displaying the BAW logo shall be considered as meeting the requirement of source reference as defined in the GeoNutzV ordinance.
  • In the event of more advanced alterations, processing, new designs or other modifications, the BAW at least expects to be mentioned in a central list of references or in an imprint.
  • Indication of alteration according to the GeoNutzV ordinance may read as follows: “Data basis: Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, gridded data reproduced graphically”, “Data basis: Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, averaged over individual values”, or “Data basis: Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, own elements added".
  • If a service provided by the BAW is used in a way that does not comply with its intended purpose, the enclosed source references have to be deleted. This shall apply in particular to warnings for which there is no guarantee that they are delivered to all users at all times completely and without delay.

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