Three Multi-Purpose Ships for Maritime Emergency Preparedness

In 2019 and 2020, the Federal Waterways and Shipping Agency (GDWS) commissioned the construction of three multi-purpose ships on behalf of the federal government. Intended for maritime emergency preparedness, these ships will replace older vessels as modernisation of the ship fleet of the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) progresses. The special equipment onboard the multi-purpose ships will enable the fleet to improve its operational capabilities during accident incidents and will increase the safety of navigation in the North Sea and Baltic Sea as a result. The BAW's Section Ship Technology is responsible for the complete planning and design as well as the public tender and construction.

Construction of the first of the three vessels began in September 2021 with the laying of the keel. The contractor is shipyard ABEKING & RASMUSSEN Schiffs- und Yachtwerft SE (A&R) based in Lemwerder, on the River Weser. A&R has commissioned Western Baltija Shipbuilding Yard in Klaipeda, Lithuania with a portion of the construction work. In line with the construction concept, the new vessels will be built according to the building block design with extensive pre-outfitting. A 9-month period has been planned for building the blocks which are scheduled to be completed in September 2023. Based on the construction process, major aggregates, such as the LNG tank with a capacity of around 350 m3, the LNG engines and the main propulsion units, will be installed. The painted and floating ships will then be transferred to A&R for further outfitting with extensive deck equipment and oil spill response equipment, and final outfitting as well as commissioning, testing and sea trials.

Construction supervision will be ensured by a team of seasoned specialists from the BAW, WSV and members of the future crew. An important milestone was successfully completed in 2021 with the testing and certification of the gas-protected engines specifically developed for these ships.